Google recently introduced emojis to its Google Docs to make it easier for users to add Emojis. Companies have a new shortcut to insert emojis into Google Docs. This means you are no longer required to use emojis by copying & paste; instead, use the emoji while writing.

There are several emojis available, and you can check the complete list of emojis you can use while writing on Google Docs. Not to mention this is a faster and most reliable method to use. However, @ special-character also used to mention Co-worker and other functions prompt.

How to add Emojis in Google Docs

  • Open Google Docs.
  • Now, Go to Insert, which appears on the top, and then choose emoji.
    Google announced new Shortcut to add Emoji in Google Docs
    • Alternative: Enter @: Emoji and then press Enter for the emoji you want to use.
      Google announced new Shortcut to add Emoji in Google Docs
  • Next, Choose the emoji from the list or search for emoji.
    • Alternatively: You can enter @:cat or @: and search for the emoji character you want to insert.
  • That’s it!

This feature is currently rolling out and gradually showing for some users, and it will be finished for everyone by the end of September. Additionally, it supports the most recent emoji, and this feature is still in polished development, so that it might take some time.