Google is one of the most popular browsers across the globe. In contrast, some iPhone users want to add chrome to their iPhone Dock. It has always been relatively easy to perform, so today, we will help you with adding chrome to iPhone’s dock.

How to add chrome to your iPhone’s dock

Before proceeding, Adding chrome to iPhone’s dock works with iPhone 6s or later. It can help you to launch Voice Search, New Tab, Scan QR, and other functionality. So without further ado, let’s check this out.

  • Press and hold app dock blank space.
  • Then, Drag the Chrome to add to the iPhone home screen.
  • Next, Touch and hold Google Chrome and then Drag it to the dock.
  • That’s it. Press the Home button.

Hopefully, this guide helps you add chrome to your iPhone Docks, and now you will be able to perform on your device so far.