One of the most common errors occurs on Windows 10 user, Where “Activation Context Generation Failed Error” encounter when some program had any compatibility related to the C++ package. However, it doesn’t create any major problems while working. Instead, it crashed the system periodically.

If you are the victim of frequent either experience a periodic crash, then today we will share with you potential troubleshooting to fix: Activation. Follow the following instructions step by step to fix the Activation Context Generation Failed Error mentioned down below.

How to fix the Activation context generation failed error.

There could be various reasons behind this error to resolve the “Activation context generation failed error.” After investigating the problem in-depth, we have mentioned some scenarios that will lead to the Activation context generation’s failed error. We have shortlisted some of the potentially troubleshooting, so let’s take a closer look at it without further ado.

Quick FIX Activation context generation failed for “C:\Program Files\McAfee\DLP\Agent\kvfilter.dll”

This error occurs because Microsoft Visual C++ was causing this error. To fix this, you just have to uninstall the existing Microsoft Visual C++ and Reinstall it. Moreover, you can download the Microsoft Visual C++ from Microsoft Download Centre. Ensure that you download the correct version 32-Bit or 64-Bit accordingly.

Reinstall the affected applications

As we have mentioned above, the error mostly occurs with the host program. Try to fix it by reinstalling the program. When you uninstall and then reinstall, the application offers an advanced setup, having a Microsoft Visual C++ compatible. Ensure that you have uninstalled the program completely. For this, you can use any third-party uninstaller program.

Clean boot the System and Reinstall Program

  • Open Windows Run Dialog Box
    • Shortcut key: Windows + R
  • Enter MSConfig and hit enter to open System Configuration
    • You can also use the Start menu, search MSConfig and open it as an administrator
  • Now, Head over to Services and then Click on Hide all Microsoft Services
  • Next, Select Disable all appear on the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • After that, Open Task Manager
    • You can use the shortcut key: Windows + I
    • Or, you can open Task Manger from the Startup menu or by right-clicking on the bottom taskbar.
  • Go to Startup and then disable Startup accordingly.
  • Exit the task manager, and Restart your PC.
  • That’s it!

Reinstall Microsoft Visual C++

Microsoft Visual C++ caused this error because of the incompatibility of the problem with Microsoft Visual C++. So by installing the previous version of Microsoft Visual C++ allow supporting more advanced program. Most likely, the Backward incompatibility causes this error; check the development year for the software and then proceed to find the correct Microsoft Visual C++ for your device.

Clean Boot the System and Reinstall the Program

If the method mentioned earlier doesn’t help you to fix the error, then you should try a clean boot and reinstall the program. Follow the following instruction mentioned down below.

  • Open Windows Run Dialog box
    • Shortcut key: Windows + R
  • Then Enter MSConfig, and then it will open System Configuration.
  • Head over to the Service and then check the checkbox for “Hide all Microsoft Service.”
  • Next, Click to Disable all and then click on Startup Tab.
  • Select Open Task Manager, and it will open in the Task Manager Window.
  • Choose the Startup Tab and Right-Click on the app to disable it.
  • Exit Task Manager and then System Configuration
  • Click OK and then Restart your System.
  • That’s it.

I really hope you found this article helpful and you have queries, Share with us in the comment section down below. Stay tuned for further updates in the future on the same.