A California-based Image Sharing service was launched in 2010 by Paul Scaria and the other two partners. It lets users discover and bookmark information through images, GIFs, and videos in pinboard form. It is underlined in social networking services available in multi-languages including Hungarian, Thai, Romanian, Hindi, and others.

However, Whenever we hear of Pinterest, primarily the recipe picture arises. But, Pinterest certainly has many domains to inspire, such as fashion, food, technology, and other subjects. Even Pinterest’s entire UI is easy to use, but beginners are always mistaken whenever they try to join it. Below is the Guide dedicated to how to use Pinterest as a beginner.

How do I use Pinterest as a beginner?

Founders developed Pinterest to connect everyone across the world through their exciting things. In daily life, we need a lot of stuff to discover. And Pinterest is the social networking platform where many professionals are available. So, It will be fortunate for us to get information for our query directly.

Pinterest UK and Irene Agbontaen launch Black to Z
Courtesy: Pinterest

On the other hand, Pinterest helps you understand current trends, optimize brand authority, and other benefits. However, Interested users are aware of such Pinterest benefits. But, As a beginner, I am always disappointed about where to start for joining Pinterest. For so, below, we are heading up with some breakups that help you connect with Pinterest.

Understand Pinterest’s Terminology

As a Unique Social networking service, Pinterest has some selected terms you must understand before starting. Because without knowing the exact meaning of each term, you can’t use Pinterest wisely. For so, below are the onerous terms that make trouble for beginners given as –

  • Pins: On Pinterest, we bookmark our needed ideas and save them. So, Pins are such terms that we use for saved bookmarks. These pins are linked to a website so people can visit your website and result in promoting your brand.
  • Titles and Description: To make your Pins eye catchy, the foremost thing that comes ahead are title and description. These tools present your pins and force users to visit your site. So, Always Use tags up to 100 characters and up to 500 characters for the description.
  • Pinboards: Pinboards are the place where pinners save their bookmarked information. These boards help pinners to have an organized collection of pins. So that whenever a pinner needs a particular pin, then he can find it easily. And, as a description to each pin, the Pinboard has a description section that explains the niche is your Pinboard.

Create Pinterest Account

After Understanding the different terms used on Pinterest, you’re ready to join Pinterest. And, as required, you need a Pinterest account. Below are some instructions to guide you in creating a new Pinterest account.

Note: Pinterest has business account availability. So if you want to create such an account, visit the Pinterest business Page and follow the same steps below.

  1. , Visit and Click on the Sign-Up option.
  2. Then, You will see different Sign-Up modes such as Email, Facebook, and Google.
  3. Choose Your desired way and Click on Continue.
  4. Now, Select Your Interest Area and Click on Done.
  5. Verify Pinterest Account Confirmation received on your email.
  6. That’s it; You’re now ready to start browsing and Pinning.

Create a Pinterest board

When it comes to a great idea, you know it when you see it.
Courtesy: Pinterest

Once you create and set up your Pinterest account, you are ready to create your desired niche board to save the pins in an organized way. As we said, the Pinterest board is the only place where all Pins (bookmarks) are saved. So, follow up on the below steps and start creating the Pinterest board.

  1. Begin by logging in to your Pinterest Account.
  2. Look for a pin that you want to save.
  3. Click the directional chevron down icon showing at the top of the pin.
  4. Now, Click on Create boards appearing at the bottom.
  5. Enter your board title, date, and toggle on Secret if you want.
  6. Once done, Click on the Skip button.
  7. That’s it, and Your Pinterest board will automatically be created.

Start Saving Pins

As of now, you have learned about creating Pinterest accounts and Pinterest boards. Merely, These are the major requirement to start pinning. Because Pinterest is the platform where users pin (bookmark) their interest things onto a place called the Pinterest board, both of them are now created. Meanwhile, now the final stage is to start creating pins. For so, below are some steps for saving pins.

  1. First, Visit on your browser.
  2. Then, Head to a Pin or click on the pin to open the Pin closeup
  3. Now, Select the board to save your pin.
  4. Once done, Click on Save, appearing at the top right corner
  5. That’s it, and Your Pin has now been saved to your chosen board.

Besides that, You can do many things with Pinterest, like making different niche boards professional. But, As a beginner, these points are enough so that you can use Pinterest. However, we explained all the necessary things for the beginner guide. Even if any user has a query, ask in the comment below.