There are many potential use cases for Google Assistant, but many users may not be aware of its capabilities. To use the following commands, open your Google Assistant using the hot key or by pressing the Google Assistant key. Before continuing, make sure you have granted the necessary permissions.

Food Delivery Check-Up: If you have placed an order and want to quickly check on its status without opening your smartphone, you can ask Google “Where is my Uber Eats order?”

Customer Support: If you are experiencing issues with a product, you can easily ask Google Assistant to connect you with customer support by saying “Get me customer support for Samsung.”

Compare Smartphones: If you are trying to decide between two different smartphones, you can ask Google to compare them by saying “Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra versus iPhone 14 Pro.”

Screen Time: To find out how long you have been using your phone, you can ask Google “How long have I been using my phone?”

Screen Time for App: The screen time command allows you to see the total time you have spent on your phone, as well as how long you have been using specific apps. To find out how long you have been using Instagram, you can say “How long have I been using Instagram?”

String of Commands: You can also use multiple commands at once on certain devices, such as the Pixel. For example, you can say “What’s the weather and also turn on the ceiling light and also turn on the computer.” However, this feature is currently only available on Pixel devices.

Turn Off Non-Smart Products: If you have a smart plug, you can use the command “Turn off computer” to turn off devices that are connected to it.

App Shortcuts: Google Assistant also allows you to create shortcuts to quickly access specific screens within apps. Some examples include “Subscriptions,” “Tweet,” and “Send money.” To see a list of available shortcuts, say “Shortcuts.”

Routines: You can create custom phrases to trigger specific actions, such as saying “Good morning” to receive weather, traffic, and news updates. To customize your routines and explore the available options, use the command “Routine.”

Language Interpreter: If you need to communicate with someone in a different language, you can use the command “Be my Hindi interpreter” to translate spoken and written words between languages. To switch to a different language, simply use the interpreter mode.

Find My Phone: If you have lost your phone and can’t remember where you left it, you can use the command “Ring my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra” to make it ring and help you locate it.

Identify Song: If you want to know the title or artist of a song, you can ask Google “What is this song?” or “Identify the song.”

Get More Info about Song: To learn more about a song, you can ask Google questions such as “When did this song come out?”

Check Traffic & Navigate: Google Assistant can help you navigate to your destination and provide real-time traffic updates. For example, you can ask “How’s the traffic to Sector 14 Chandigarh?” and Google will tell you how long it should take to get there.

Read Messages: If you receive a text message and don’t want to interact with your device, you can ask Google to read it for you by saying “Read me my messages.”

Save Parking Location: To save your current parking location, simply say “Save this parking location.” This can be helpful for when you need to remember where you parked your car.

Save More Details about Parking Location: To add additional information about your saved parking location, you can say “Remember that I parked next to the cycle-stand.”

Order an Uber: If you need a quick ride, you can ask Google to order an Uber for you by saying “Order me an Uber to my house.”

Bring up Certain Photos: To view specific photos from your past, you can say “Show me pictures of my Rose Garden Trip” and Google will display them for you.

Create a List and Add Items: If you need to create a shopping or to-do list, you can use Google Assistant to help you organize your tasks. For example, you can say “Create a gift list” and then add items to it by saying “Add keyboard for Sandeep to the gift list.”

Open Any App: To open a specific app, simply say “Open Amazon.”

Search with Certain App: To search within a specific app, you can continue the previous command by saying “Look up keyboard.” This will search for the term “keyboard” within the app you specified.

Track Amazon Order: To track an Amazon package, simply ask Google “Track my Amazon package.”

The Time for Any State or Country: To find out the current time in a different state or country, ask Google “What time is it in Singapore?”

Find Flights for a Certain Place: To search for flights to a specific destination, you can use the command “Find me a flight to Singapore” or “Find me a flight there.”

Convert Units: Google Assistant can also help you with unit conversions, such as “How much is five dollars in Indian rupees?” or “Seven miles to kilometers.”

Remember Things: You can use Google Assistant to help you remember important information, such as “Remember that I put my card under my science book.” Later, you can ask “Where did I put my card?” or set reminders for long-term tasks, like “Remind me to replace the copper pipe in two months.”

Spelling: If you need help with spelling, you can ask Google “How do you spell abracadabra?” and it will spell the word for you.

Food & Drinks: If you are interested in the nutritional content of food and drinks, you can ask Google questions like “How many calories are in a burger?” and “How much sugar is in Sprite?”

Check for Certain Email: To view a specific email, you can use the command “Show me an email from Sandeep.”

Take a Picture: If you want to take a photo of yourself but don’t have anyone else to help, you can ask Google “Google, take a selfie.”

Offline Commands: Google Assistant can also perform certain actions even when you don’t have an internet connection. For example, you can say “Turn on NFC,” “Turn off Bluetooth,” “Set a timer for 15 minutes,” or “Open Call of Duty Mobile.”

Like or Dislike a Song: If you are using Spotify, you can use Google Assistant to like or dislike a song by saying “Like this song.”

Movie Theater: If you want to find out what movies are playing at your local theater, you can ask Google “What movies are playing?”

AudioBook: To have Google read an audiobook to you, you can say “Read How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”

Leave a Note: If you have a Google Nest Hub device, you can use Google Assistant to leave a note for someone by saying “Leave a note saying ‘I went to get milk, be back at 3 PM.'”

Broadcast Message: If you have multiple speakers connected to Google Assistant, you can use the command “Broadcast dinner is ready” to send a message to all of the speakers at once.

Roll a Dice: To play games like Ludo, you can ask Google to roll a dice for you by saying “Roll the dice.”

Roll a Specific Side Dice or Any Number of Dices: You can also specify the number of sides on the dice or the number of dice to roll. For example, you can say “Roll a 20-sided dice” or “Roll 23 dice.”

Flip a Coin: To have Google flip a coin for you, simply say “Flip a coin.”

Pick a Number: If you need help picking a random number, you can ask Google “Pick a number 1 to 10.”

Sing a Song: If you want to sing a song, you can ask Google “Sing me a song.”

Rap: To hear a rap from Google, you can say “Rap.”

Drop a Beat: If you want to hear a beat, you can say “Drop a beat.”

Animal Sounds: To hear the sounds of different animals, you can ask Google “What does the fox say?”

Dad Joke: If you want to hear a dad joke, you can ask Google “Tell me a dad joke.”

Call Santa: To talk to Santa, you can say “Call Santa Claus.”

Play Game: If you want to play a voice-based game, you can ask Google “Let’s play a game” and choose from the available options.

Best Voice Assistant: If you want to find out which is the best voice assistant, you can ask Google “Are you the best?” or “Who is the best voice assistant out there?”

These commands can be very useful in certain situations. These are just some of the best Google Assistant commands that you can try to enhance your experience with the assistant.