PUBG New State was recently released, and some players have reported being blocked from playing the game. has also reached 40 million downloads in 2 weeks. To celebrate 40 million downloads, players have received celebration rewards with the Celebration Events

Later in the game, developers confirm and reassure players about the unintentionally blocked path. goes under maintenance, and Krafton apologizes for the same.

However, PUBG New State received a patch update to encounter bugs and issues and restore the players’ accounts. They have also offered compensation through in-game items, the Chicken Medals. Players can claim their items from the in-game mailbox. On the other hand, to claim 40 million celebration rewards, log in for 7 days during the event period to claim rewards through the in-game mailbox.

Not to mention, they have also optimized the game and enhanced the anti-cheat. You can read the complete patch note here.

What’s New

  • “Kill Feed” to see more information. Unauthorized third-party program usage is severely restricted.
  • Improvements to the Control System: Gyroscopes
  • Control System: Joystick bugs, free perspective button issue, Auto-Run Field issue.
  • Bug Fix-Squad Kills: Disable Kills by Vehicle
  • Improved Sound System: Fixed the inconsistent footstep sounds.
  • General BugFix: scope sight issue, iOS graphics when accessed via deep link

There are some performance issues and graphics glitches, as expected, and the developer team has stated that the game will be prioritized for optimization. We have also provided the game APK and OBB files to sideload on your device.

Hopefully, this article will remain helpful for you and you will have successfully installed it on your device. If there is any query, share it with us in the comment section down below. Keep an eye out for future updates on the subject. Keep an eye out for future updates on the subject.