Nowadays, YouTube is one of the best ways to grow a career and to make your life dreamful. However, Running a YouTube channel is not an easy task to perform. But, consistency and improvements can lift you to a higher strength. Likewise, creating challenging videos has been observed as the best medium to gain more viewers. Today we are Goin to Share a “35 Trending YouTube Challenges Ideas For 2022” or Best trending challenges on YouTube 2022.

Although, there are some standard challenges that you can opt for some days. But, it needs consistency for which it is hard to think of newer ideas for your YouTube Channel growth. In need to this, We have Studied from various sources and found some best challenges to opt. Meanwhile, here we will let you know about 35 Trending YouTube Challenges Ideas For 2022. YouTube challenges to do by yourself, trending challenges 2022. Alsoo, 24 hour challenge ideas for youtube in 2022.

35 Trending YouTube Challenges Ideas For 2022

If you want to run your own YouTube channel then, it could be very creative. Because here you have to think of new ideas for presenting them publicly in the form of video. In response to this, analytics showed a result that Challenges type videos are gaining more views than others. Also, here you don’t need to think that much and all this becomes easier for a beginner. 

With regards to this, We have found almost 35 Trending YouTube Challenges ideas through which you can easily grow your YouTube Channel as compared to any other type of Video creation. So, without making further discussion let’s have a look at each of the challenges separately. Best challenge ideas for 2022 YouTube challenges to do with friends.

Accent Fun Challenge

In this top 35 YouTube Challenge, you need an accent partner who will recognize your said accent. Meanwhile, here you have to say a few mysterious and stereotypical types of accents. Your partner has to recognize the accent.

Ghost Pepper Challenge

This one has considered the funniest and trending challenge on YouTube. In which you mainly have to eat the ghost pepper afterwards records the reaction while eating the pepper. But, keep in mind that Ghost pepper can be harmful to some pepper conscious people.

Eat it and Wear It Challenge

This is a very crazy trending YouTube Challenge in which You have to put a few random foods in bags with allowing numbers to them. Afterwards, Eat those random foods number wise. However, if you decline to eat then you have to wear it on your face and body. The Winner will consider that participant who wears less amount.

Smoothie Challenge

If you are like smoothies then this challenge would be very interesting to you. Here, You need twenty ingredients with ten gross and ten delicious one. Afterwards, write the names on paper and keep them in a bowl. Next, Put and then make a smoothie of these ingredients. Lastly, Finish that Smoothie and win out the challenge.

7 Seconds Challenge

Here you don’t have any material instead of that you have to do different tasks which all need to be performed in a maximum of 7 seconds. The person who does the tasks in 7 seconds will be the Winner and another one will be looser.

Brain Freeze Challenge

With this Specific Challenge, you need to fill your bathtub with ice and ask your partner to sit in it. Afterwards, You will ask them some questions and he will only get out if his answer is correct. However, While doing this challenge be safe from cold.

Try Not to Laugh Challenge

You all know it is very hard to control a laugh. So, This challenge is very simple in that you don’t need any material. However, You need one partner who will try to enforce you for laughs. And, if you control your laugh then you will be a winner.

Water Bottle Flip challenge

This Challenge is related to flipping the bottle to a specific end. Meanwhile, here You need to fill a big plastic bottle then tossing in such a way that it should land with the right side up. If Your timing is right then, you will be a winner.

Not My Hands Challenge

This Challenge is related to no use of your own hands instead of this, your friend hand will as your hand. Meanwhile, You need a friend and he/she will move his hand like yours. With keep in mind this thing, You have to do various things such as decoration and many things.

100 Layer Challenge

As the name Suggest 100 layer means here, you have to put different layers of anything on your face/body. However, You need some material of which you create layers. For reference, You can create layers using clothes, makeup, glue and many more.

The Cinnamon Challenge

In this trending challenge, the different participant has to eat a full spoon of Cinnamon. However, it could be harmful to health Especially for asthma patients. So, keep in mind all these things before opting for this unique challenge.

Chubby Bunny Fun Challenge

This Challenge can be crazy which need to be done with your friends. In which one participant has to put some chubby bunnies in the mouth and say chubby bunny. The twist is that You have to put more and more chubby bunnies in the mouth until you become unable to say Chubby Bunny. Hence, the challenge will be complete but only when you say chubby bunny whether you have put more chubby bunnies.

The Yoga Challenge

If you have good yoga skills then, it could be a better opportunity to show your skills to the public. And, make various challenges of different yoga practices to engage the public as possible. However, While doing yoga keep in mind to not do any harder yoga practice.

Fantastic Gymnastics Challenge

This Amazing Challenge was also propounded by EvanTube. In there is a unique Gymnastics game where Players time their speed and rhythm. Through this, they get the optimum momentum that leads to flipping the highest bar figure. 

Extreme Sour Candy Challenge

This Challenge Could be inappropriate for the person who is very conscious of their taste. Because here the participants have to eat the extreme sour candy. Afterwards, their facial expressions will be recorded.

Gummy Food VS Real Food Challenge

This one also proved as a popular YouTube Challenge in which only the person who comprises to their food can do this. Because here one participant said another to ask anything or. This Challenge has various varieties for this you can check out the below link.

Blindfolded Fidget Toy Challenge

It is very fun to play challenge in which famous Evan and Jillian make fun and sense with these toys and learn to use them. However, For this challenge, you need to try a few things such as a fidget cube, fidget pencils and many more.

Internet Slang Challenge

This is mainly a quiz competition named as Internet Slang Competition. In which an outhouse person will many questions about the internet slang dictionary. The winner will consider the persons who said the most correct answers.

Blindfolded Makeup Challenge

This Challenge is mainly concerned with female participants. In which one blindfolded participant will do the makeup of another participant. Also, This Challenge can be done at your home or anywhere you want to do.

Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge

This Makeup challenge can be restricted to a few participants. Because here Your boyfriend has to do your makeup. As a result, Your makeup will become very much because usually, boys don’t have any idea of makeup and all.

Speed Drawing Challenge

This Drawing Challenge can be tricky if someone gives an extraordinary drawing subject with less time. Meanwhile, here one person will allow you a specific time and drawing subject. You have to draw that in that specified time. The winner will consider whom drawing will be best.

Whipped Cream Challenge

In this trending and funny YouTube, Challenge participants must be ready to have a lot of messy cream on their faces. We assure you that you will enjoy this challenge and also attract a huge volume of viewers.

The Whisper Challenge

This Challenge enforce you to wear earplugs. And, the other participant will tell you a thing. Then, You have to guess the word or sentence with the lips reading sense. The winner will be considered the one who give the most correct answers.

Blindfolded Drawing Challenge

It is just an advanced challenge of blindfolded makeup challenge. In which One participant will draw and another one has to guess drawn. The winner will the person who has a more correct guess.

Touch My Body Challenge

In this Challenge One participant have to wear a blindfold. Whereas other participant needs to ask him to touch the body at any part. Meanwhile, The blindfolded Participant has to guess the correct part of the body. The winner will be the participant who gave the most correct answers.

Exploding Watermelon Challenge

If you like Watermelon then this specific YouTube Challenge can be very amazing for you. Because here Participants try to explore the watermelon using the rubber bands. And, We think it could be fun to play a challenge that you should try.

Ice Cream Challenge

It could be very amazing for the person who loves to eat a variety of ice cream flavours. Because here, One participant is blindfolded and asked to taste all the different 16 ice cream flavours. The winner will consider the person whose guesses are more correct.

Hoverboard Fun Challenge

As the name suggests, This Challenge is only for the person who has the skills to ride a hoverboard. However, With a hoverboard, you can make different types of challenges like maximum turns, Jumps and many more. Meanwhile, This could be the best Challenge idea that is completely based on a hoverboard.

Pizza Challenge

It is a very delightful YouTube Challenge that was earlier introduced by EvanTube. In this Challenge, each participant has to put sixteen mystery ingredients over the Pizza then one slice. Overall, It is completely a mysterious challenge to opt for.

Say Anything Challenge

This is a brain-oriented challenge in which You need 4 to 5 players as they have to say any random word on his turn. However, Repetition of words or Pauses is allowed. The winner will be considered the participant who has less tape on his mouth.

McDonald’s Roulette Challenge

It can be somewhere an expensive Challenge but a worthful one. Here, one player has to go to the McDonalds drive-through. And, other participants have to drive through to some other fast-food restaurants. Now, both have to order the previous person’s order. Now both participants have to demand exactly what the previous person has ordered.

Cotton Ball Challenge

In this Specific Challenge, Participants have to put a bowl on their heads and a bowl of cotton balls. Afterwards, the participant is blindfolded and has to put the cotton balls with a spoon on their head bowl. The winner will the person who have the most cotton balls in the bowl.

Bean Boozled Challenge

With this Challenge, You have to give similar colours of beans to your friends. Afterwards, You have to look at which flavours they get from it. Overall, It is completely a game of amazing flavours to play with your friends.

Nintendo Switch Challenges

As the name suggests, This Challenge is completely based on Nintendo Switch which can be played even with your family. In this challenge different participants have to make a 1000 piece puzzle for Nintendo fans. Collectively, It is a reaction-oriented challenge for a person who never played any game.

Evantubehd Oreo Challenge

As the name sprinkling, this challenge is also done by Evan and his co-partner published on EvanTube. In this Challenge, One person will be blindfolded and he has to guess the cookie taste. It is completely a funny and relevant challenge to play.


Conclusively, The above-stated YouTube Challenges are sufficient for beginners who want to grow their YouTube Channel with some unique ideas. Hopefully, we can now expect that you all guys have Accurate content about 35 Trending YouTube Challenges Ideas For 2022. With Regards to this, If any user has any queries share them with us in the comment section down below.