Nowadays, YouTube is one of the best ways to build a career and pursue your dreams. However, running a YouTube channel is a challenging task. But with consistency and improvement, you can increase your chances of success. Creating engaging videos has been proven to attract more viewers.

Although there are some common challenges that you can try for a few days, it cannot be easy to come up with fresh ideas to grow your YouTube channel. To help with this, we have researched and compiled a list of 35 trending YouTube challenge ideas for 2022.

35 Trending YouTube Challenge Ideas for 2022

If you want to start your own YouTube channel, it offers an excellent platform for creativity. It would be best if you thought of new ideas to present to your audience through videos. Challenge-type videos have been shown to attract more views than others. This makes it easier for beginners, as it requires less brainstorming.

We have discovered 35 trending YouTube challenge ideas that can help you grow your channel more effectively than other types of video content. Without further ado, let us explore each challenge individually.

1. Accent Fun Challenge

In this top 35 YouTube challenge, you need a partner who will recognise your chosen accent. You will use a few mysterious and stereotypical accents, and your partner has to identify them.

2. Ghost Pepper Challenge

Considered one of the funniest and trending challenges on YouTube, the Ghost Pepper Challenge requires you to eat a ghost pepper and record your reaction. However, please be aware that ghost peppers can harm those sensitive to spicy foods.

3. Eat It and Wear It Challenge

This crazy trending YouTube challenge involves putting various random foods in numbered bags. You then eat the foods according to the numbers. If you refuse to eat a particular food, you have to wear it on your face and body. The winner is determined by the participant who wears the least amount of food.

4. The Smoothie Challenge

If you enjoy smoothies, this challenge will be exciting to you. Gather twenty ingredients, including ten gross ones and ten delicious ones. Write their names on pieces of paper and place them in a bowl. Blend the ingredients you randomly select to make a smoothie. Finally, finish the smoothie to complete the challenge.

5. 7 Seconds Challenge

Here, instead of having any materials, you will need to perform different tasks within a maximum of 7 seconds. The person who completes the tasks in 7 seconds will be the winner, while the other person will be the loser.

6. Brain Freeze Challenge

For this specific challenge, you need to fill your bathtub with ice and ask your partner to sit in it. Then, you will ask them some questions; they can only get out if their answer is correct. However, please make sure to take precautions against the cold.

7. The Try Not to Laugh Challenge

We all know how hard it is to control laughter. So, this challenge is straightforward because you do not need any materials. However, you will need a partner who will try to make you laugh. If you manage to control your laughter, you will be the winner.

8. Water Bottle Flip Challenge

This challenge involves flipping a bottle to land in a specific position. Here, you will need to fill a large plastic bottle and toss it so it lands upright. If your timing is right, you will be the winner.

9. The Not My Hands Challenge

In this challenge, you are not allowed to use your own hands. Instead, your friend will act as your hand. You will need a friend who will move their hand as if it were yours. With this in mind, you will have to do various tasks, such as decoration and others.

10. 100-Layer Challenge

As the name implies, the 100-layer challenge involves applying multiple layers of something to your face or body. To create these layers, you will need various materials, like clothes, makeup, glue, and more.

11. The Cinnamon Challenge

In this widespread challenge, participants must eat a whole spoonful of cinnamon. However, it can be harmful to health, especially for asthma patients. So, keep these things in mind before attempting this unique challenge.

12. Chubby Bunny Fun Challenge

This challenge can be a crazy and fun activity with your friends. One participant had to put chubby bunnies in their mouth and say, “Chubby bunny.” The twist is that you must keep adding chubby bunnies to your mouth until you can’t say “chubby bunny” anymore. The challenge is complete when you can no longer say the phrase, regardless of the number of chubby bunnies.

13. The Yoga Challenge

If you have good yoga skills, this challenge provides an excellent opportunity to showcase your abilities to the public. Create various challenges involving different yoga practices to engage as many people as possible. However, remember to refrain from attempting any advanced or challenging yoga poses.

14. Fantastic Gymnastics Challenge

This fantastic challenge was also popularised on YouTube. It involves a unique gymnastics game where players time their speed and rhythm to achieve the optimum momentum for flipping the highest bar figure.

15. Extreme Sour Candy Challenge

This challenge may not be suitable for individuals susceptible to taste. Participants have to eat highly sour candy, and their facial expressions will be recorded.

16. Gummy Food vs. Real Food Challenge

This challenge is popular on YouTube and can only be done by individuals open to trying different foods. Participants challenge each other to eat various items, either gummy food or natural food. This challenge has many variations, which you can explore at the link below.

17. Blindfolded Fidget Toy Challenge

This is a fun challenge where famous YouTubers Evan and Jillian have fun and explore different fidget toys while blindfolded. You will need items like a fidget cube, fidget pencils, and more to participate in this challenge.

18. Internet Slang Challenge

This is a quiz competition focused on internet slang. Participants will be asked various questions about internet slang, and the person who answers the correct questions will be declared the winner.

19. Blindfolded Makeup Challenge

This challenge primarily focuses on female participants. One participant will blindfold themselves and apply makeup to another participant. You can do this challenge at home or any location of your choice.

20. Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge

This makeup challenge is best suited for a few participants. In this challenge, your boyfriend will do your makeup. As a result, your makeup may turn out differently than expected since boys typically have little to no knowledge of makeup.

21. Speed Drawing Challenge

This drawing challenge can be challenging if someone gives you a problematic drawing subject within a limited time. One person will assign you a specific time and drawing subject. You have to draw it within the given time. The winner will be determined based on the quality of their drawing.

22. Whipped Cream Challenge

In this trendy and amusing YouTube challenge, participants will have a lot of messy cream on their faces. We guarantee that you will enjoy this challenge and attract many viewers.

23. The Whisper Challenge

This challenge requires you to wear earplugs. One participant will say something to you, and you must guess the word or sentence by reading their lips. The winner will be the participant with the most correct answers.

24. Blindfolded Drawing Challenge

This challenge is an advanced version of the blindfolded makeup challenge. One participant will draw something, and the other must guess what was drawn. The winner will be the person with the most accurate guesses.

25. Touch My Body Challenge

In this challenge, one participant will be blindfolded, while the other will be asked to touch a specific body part. The blindfolded participant has to guess the correct body part. The winner will be the participant with the most correct answers.

26. Watermelon Explosion Challenge

If you enjoy watermelon, then this particular YouTube challenge can be a lot of fun for you. Participants attempt to explode a watermelon using rubber bands. It could be an entertaining challenge for you to try.

27. Ice Cream Tasting Challenge

This challenge is perfect for ice cream lovers who enjoy a variety of flavours. One participant is blindfolded in this challenge and asked to taste 16 different ice cream flavours. The winner is determined by the participant who guesses the most flavours correctly.

28. Hoverboard Fun Challenge

As the name suggests, this challenge is designed for individuals skilled at riding a hoverboard. With a hoverboard, you can create various challenges, such as performing maximum turns, jumps, and more. This challenge idea is perfect for hoverboard enthusiasts.

29. Mystery Pizza Challenge

This delightful YouTube challenge, introduced initially by EvanTube, requires each participant to place sixteen mystery ingredients on a single slice of pizza. Overall, it is a fun and mysterious challenge to try.

30. Say Anything Challenge

This brain-oriented challenge requires 4 to 5 players who take turns saying random words. Repeating words and pauses are allowed. The winner is the participant with the least amount of tape on their mouth.

31. McDonald’s Roulette Challenge

Although it can be costly, this challenge is worth the experience. One player goes to a McDonald’s drive-through, while the other participants go to different fast-food restaurants. Both participants have to order exactly what the previous person ordered.

32. Cotton Ball Challenge

In this specific challenge, participants must place a bowl on their heads and another bowl filled with cotton balls. Afterwards, the participant is blindfolded and must transfer the cotton balls, using a spoon, to the bowl on their head. The winner is the person with the most cotton balls in their bowl.

33. The Bean Boozled Challenge

In this challenge, you need to give your friends beans of similar colours. Then, you have to observe the flavours they get from the beans. Overall, playing with your friends is a fun game with surprising flavours.

34. Nintendo Switch Challenges

As the name suggests, this challenge revolves around the Nintendo Switch and can be played with your family. In this challenge, participants must complete a 1000-piece puzzle for Nintendo fans. It is a reaction-oriented challenge suitable for anyone who has never played games.

35. Evantube Oreo Challenge

This challenge, featured on EvanTube, involves one blindfolding person who must guess the cookie’s flavour. It is an entertaining challenge to participate in.

In conclusion, the challenges mentioned above challenges are great for beginners who want to grow their YouTube channel with unique ideas. We hope you find these 35 trending YouTube challenge ideas for 2022 helpful. If you have any questions, please share them with us in the comments section below.